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Happy Sweet 16 to Mickey!

   Mickey...the TV Star!

...So, you bring a puppy home and you embark on an adventure. You never really know where it may lead, or how long it may last.

These days, the average doggie life-span is probably around 12 years. A little shorter for big dogs, a little longer for small dogs. But there are no guarantees. My niece Kimberly lost her big sweet rescue Great Pyrenees pal named Blake last year at age 5. And our friends the Wright family lost their wonderful Dutchess at about age 6.

So we are are infinitely thankful that our little Mickey is celebrating her 16th birthday today.

She was a 4-month-old wild puppy when we got her. She turned into a magnificent and dignified lady, and though she's sometimes a little confused these days and her long, lovely fur is now threadbare, she's never lost her essential sweetness. Mickey quite simply has never met a person or pooch she didn't like.

Mickey also gave us the most fun day we've ever had -- the day we and Mickey made a local TV commercial together (for a self-service pet-wash and groomery). In a long day of hard work and shooting video, Mickey happily performed take after take until we got what we needed. But more often, she nailed it on the first try. Please watch the 30-second commercial at the YouTube link -- and pay special attention to Mickey's progressive surprise as she leaps off the chair at the beginning, and her brilliant hiding behind the curtain as her character tries to avoid getting a dreaded bath. Then look at her beaming little face on the grooming table. (Link: http://youtu.be/X_0b4_Kgjoc)

Mickey, we love you more than you can ever know, and we cherish every day we have with you.
Happy, happy birthday, little Mick! 

Howard Weinstein started Day One Dog Training in Howard County, Maryland in 1998. You can reach him through www.dayonedogtraining.com. He's also the author of Puppy Kisses are Good for the Soul & Other Important Lessons You & Your Dog Can Teach Each Other (available in both paperback and e-book at Amazon.com or www.dayonedogtraining.com).


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