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Sad News...R.I.P. Mickey Heather

January 25, 1996 - April 2, 2012

We had to have our beloved 16-yr-old Corgi Mickey put to sleep today. She was toddling along pretty well for an old lady, right up until yesterday. Then she started having seizures last night and this morning. Susan took her to the ER vet and we were told it was likely Mickey had a brain tumor.
With no real treatment options, we didn't want to put her through prolonged diagnostic hospitalization, and didn't want to wait until she was in pain. So we made the difficult decision to let her go with her dignity intact.

We sat with her in the examining room for a long time, giving her lots of hugs, pets, kisses and ear rubs, and she was very calm, comfortable and snuggly. She looked just like the 4-month-old baby puppy we fell in love with so long ago, though that seems like only yesterday. And the end was completely soft, sweet and peaceful. As any of you who've lost a pet know, we miss her very much.

We were so lucky to have her with us for so long, and she was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. She had a happy life, and she made us smile every one of the 5,800 or so days she shared with us. In Mickey's honor, please go give your own pets some special love!

As some of you know, we did a TV commercial with Mickey about 10 years ago, and that day was the most fun we've ever had. She was a superstar, worked her little furry butt off for hours, and did everything we asked of her. She was perfect! If you'd like to see our special little Mickey in her prime, one more time, you can see her commercial here. Thank you, Mickey, for so much puppy love.


Tags: dogs, grief, pet bereavement

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