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THE SHELBY SHOW: What's in a Dog's Name?

Shelby-Cobra3    100_3348
                      Shelby Cobra...and Shelby Corgi!

...So, how did you decide on your dog's name?

Some people go with simple classics like Max or Rover. Others seek names with some personal meaning behind them. Whenever I meet dogs with uncommon names, I always ask their humans for the story behind the choice.

Our new puppy's name was inspired by the life of a tough, wily Texan named Carroll Shelby. For those who aren't car nuts or auto racing fans, that name won't mean anything. Carroll Shelby was a retired racing driver who, in the early 1960s, set out to build a working-class American sports car that could challenge the haughty Italian thoroughbred Ferrari on the world's road racing tracks.

He created the legendary Shelby Cobra by modifying an underpowered little British sports car and stuffing a lightweight Ford V-8 engine under the hood. In a few years, Shelby's Cobras did indeed beat Ferrari, becoming the first (and still only) American GT sports car to win the world manufacturer's championship in 1965. Shelby also teamed with Ford to transform the sporty Mustang into a real road-racing car, among many other automotive accomplishments. Original Cobras (as well as modern copies) are still prized by wealthy collectors.

So how does this connect with our new Welsh Corgi puppy? Well, Cobras were spirited, low-slung and stocky, with big tires and powerful acceleration matched by maneuverability. And Corgis are low-slung, spirited and speedy little dogs with big tires...I mean feet.

After Carroll Shelby died in 2012 at a ripe old age and many years after a successful heart transplant, I thought Shelby might be a fitting name for our next Corgi. At first, Susan wasn't so sure. But then she warmed up to the name, and we stuck with it.

So, our puppy's complete name is Shelby Mist Cobra Mustang White-Weinstein (Mist because "Misty" was the temporary name assigned by her breeder). And not only is she living up to her speedy sports car name -- but her chompy-sharp little baby teeth make us think of snakebites, too!

She will outgrow her current urge to bite everything in sight (soon, we hope!). But she'll always be our zoom-y little sports-doggie. Hmmm...maybe we should paint racing stripes down her back... did you choose your dog's name?  


Robin Belyea
May. 30th, 2013 12:04 am (UTC)
Dog naming
When I got my first rescue 10 years ago, I decided he and any subsequent rescues would be given proper names (Prefix followed by unique name) with a beer theme and a matching call name. Hence, because my first Pem was a black-headed tri-color, I wanted something with a dark beer name. He became Peligriff's Double Bock (Peligriff being a prefix I started using with him), and his call name is Shiner, for Shiner Bock beer, one of my favorites. My new little girl started out as a foster, but after a few months, I ended up keeping this engaging little tot who came into rescue at 14 weeks old (!?), who I'd named Ceri short for Ceridwen, the enchanting Welsh fairy queen. I didn't want to change her call name, so I hunted for a matching beer name. The closest I came was a beer in a limited series called the Apothecary (-cary, ceri...) series called Smoked Porter. Another BHT, she has a darker undercoat than Shiner, so it was a perfect fit for Peligriff's Smoked Porter.

Shiner is now Peligriff's Double Bock BN RA NAP NJP NFP and Ceri is Peligriff's Smoked Porter BN RN. Both will be going for their respective CDs this summer. :)
May. 30th, 2013 03:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Dog naming
Ahh...a theme :o)
As long as the dogs aren't drinking the beers!

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