June 14th, 2013

THE SHELBY SHOW: Shelby Discovers Door Twangers! (video)

"How many noms you wanna betz I can learn to play dis thing..?"

...So, this week, our 4 month old Corgi puppy Shelby discovered how to make music using those springy door-stops in our house. She thinks this is lots of fun. And, we confess, so do we. She takes great pleasure in her new accomplishment.

She also discovered how to remove the door-stop's rubber tip (not a good thing) -- and then figured out how to unscrew the twanger from its wall mount. We're lucky she doesn't have opposable thumbs, or there'd be no stopping her puppy plans for world domination!

Here's a short video of Shelby's twangy-music composition. Enjoy!